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TRIMBOLI & PRUSINOWSKI, LLC, is a labor and employment law firm which represents businesses, governmental agencies and non-profits regarding their employees. It has experienced attorneys who support human resources departments and regularly handle day-to-day issues and questions that arise concerning employees. It represents businesses and accused individuals in wrongful termination and harassment cases, overtime claims, defends against and enforces restrictive covenants and engages in collective bargaining.

Its attorneys regularly represent businesses, governmental entities and non-profits against administrative agency actions such as the Department of Labor, Division on Civil Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other regulatory bodies

Who is an Independent Contractor In New Jersey?

As New Jersey’s Department of Labor increases its enforcement of independent contractor classifications, Trimboli and Prusinowski has been asked what criteria needs to be met for an individual to be classified as an IC. The test for ICs is known as the ABC test: A:        The individual must be free from control or direction over […]

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