Employees and others have many avenues to publish unfavorable information about companies. This can be related to employees’ experiences working for the company, customers giving their opinion on services, or other business related information on internet sites or through mass emails to others. This information can be published when a disgruntled employee leaves; a client/customer is dissatisfied despite efforts to correct any misgivings, or by a competitor seeking to get a greater market share. Sometimes the negative information is false. When false information is published that causes harm to a company, the company may have a defamation or false light claim against the publisher.

Jim Prusinowski has litigated defamation claims to the New Jersey Supreme Court and is one of the State’s foremost experts on defamation in the workplace.

When false information is circulated by anonymous emailers, quick action is often required to obtain the identity of the person sending the emails. When a business learns of possible defamatory publications it should take action as soon as possible to investigate the publisher and determine what course of action it can take. Trimboli & Prusinowski’s expertise in this area can assist businesses which believe defamatory information has been published about it.