Many contractors and construction companies agree to project agreements with labor unions and employee associations. Often apparently simple agreements can have significant provisions which are not spelled out. Prior to entering into a project agreement, a contractor or construction company should have an experienced attorney, such as those at Trimboli & Prusinowski, review the agreement and advise the company concerning its obligations and mandates.

If a project agreement has already been executed, the contractor or construction company could benefit from having Trimboli & Prusinowski review it and provide advice concerning the obligations that have been agreed to. This can assist the contractor or construction company to anticipate long term obligations it may have to employees as a result of the agreement.

Employee associations often seek to enforce terms of a collective bargaining agreement which was entered through a project agreement. Companies which receive a notice or demand from a labor union should contact Trimboli & Prusinowski to assist it in addressing the demand’s claims and advise it concerning the options it may have regarding the matter.