One of the most common disputes between an employer and employee is concerning what wages the employee was paid. After an employee files a claim the Department of Labor will often hold a hearing and determine whether anything is owed to the employee. The company may need to have an attorney represent it in the hearing. Trimboli & Prusinowski regularly handles these hearings and provides zealous representation to businesses on these claims.

Employees can also file wage and hour or FLSA claim against the business in state or federal court. The business needs to be represented by experienced attorneys to defend against these claims as there can be substantial damages assessed, including attorneys’ fees and liquidated damages, if the company does no prevail. Trimboli & Prusinowski regularly represents businesses and closely held companies in these cases.

Department of Labor Complaints also lead to audits of pay practices. Legal representation during the audit can make a significant difference in presenting the information and potential assessments. Having a Trimboli & Prusinowski attorney represent the company during the audit can assist in minimizing any liability that may exist. Its attorneys can also handle any post audit hearings or negotiations that may be required.